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About us

The Analyst is a news and information services provider based in Lagos, Nigeria. We provide analytical news with Nigeria as the core. We also provide analytical news and information on other continents with Sub-saharan Africa as a special focus. The owner of the news services is The Analyst & Research Company (TARC). 

The Analyst & Research Company Limited (TARC) is a limited liability company registered in Nigeria to carry on the business of data services and advisory services in research, strategy, finance, investment and technology.

The company organises conferences, seminars, strategy sessions and round-table discussions on burning topical issues and on behalf of its clients and provide training services.

We carry on the business of news coverage, report writing and publication of journals and magazines. The company will also be involved in the production of intellectual talent shows to be aired on televisions.

TARC invests in financial and commodities markets including direct investment in companies and real estate.
Our strength lies in the ability to "analytically" proffer solutions to tough business and economic problems faced by business organisations, policy makers and individuals in Nigeria. Our deep knowledge and understanding of the uniqueness of the Nigerian market and how it operates, gives us the hedge over competitors.