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Individual profiling of States would be a good way of attracting tourists to Nigeria

Because Nigeria is a poorly visited country, foreigners depend on major news corporation who thrive on the surreal things around the country for their knowledge. Thus it is quite difficult for many to appreciate the size of the country and remoteness of some of the flash points from possible holiday destinations. It is quite too easy to associate a bomb blast in Madalla, Niger State to Lagos even though the former is more than a day’s journey by road from the latter. The back to back negative global press coverage of the Boko Haram attacks could lead to state profiling and a contagion of even well to do states. Thus a foreigner planning a holiday to Nigeria may be put off by the travel warnings released by his/her country’s Home Office without bothering to find out the remoteness of distance from the flash point and the holiday destination. This implies that more sub-nationals will have to do more to push market the tourism potentials of their states and seek to carve a niche for their states.

There is need to do more in terms of Tourism Awareness in Nigeria

While the Hotel sub-sector is well known and fully articulated in the industry, the Tourism sub-sector is not so well known. Nigerians do not spend their holidays in hotels; and those who can afford to do so usually travel out of the country. Part of the reason for this lack of patronage for the local Tourism Industry is muted awareness. The national awareness and patronage survey carried out by the NTDC in 1998 revealed that less than 20 percent of Nigerians who spend their holidays out of the country had visited Yankari Game Village or the Obudu Cattle Ranch, and more than 50 percent of the regular visitors to these resorts were foreigners.

The low level of awareness is a direct result of near complete lack of information about the Tourism Resorts in Nigeria and the poor dissemination of such information. This is inspite of the Zonal Structure of the NTDC which has as one of its primary objective, the overall promotion and marketing of tourism activities in Nigeria.  

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